Monday, March 27, 2017

Dave Chappelle Live at Starbucks!

I'm not big on celebrities but obviously Dave Chappelle is different. The Times said last week he's back in circulation and it just so happens that a few minutes ago he was at the Starbuck's downtown on Lavaca Street in Austin. I knew something was up when a white chick in one of the easy chairs lit up and then, this being Austin, tried to look cool and uninterested again. That's when I looked over. He came in with two in the entourage, one of them looked white which is cool, diversity in the supporting cast, and he came up to the big table where I was working on organic chemistry and said, "Can we sit with you?" For real, he was polite like an ordinary person. He was carrying a very expensive motorcycle helmet. Did he bring his motorcycle on the plane with him from wherever? I wanted to ask him what kind of bike he rides and tell him that mine, chained up outside the cafe, is a three-speed.

He got his drink and collected his helmet and didn't actually sit, which bummed me out a little. He looked a bit more muscular in person than on the tube, which surprised me. Somebody tried to stop him on the way out and tell him about seeing one of his shows in New York. I had all kinds of bright repartee thought up while he was in line getting his mocha or whatever but I never got a chance to use it. I could have discussed with him, black male to black male, the cruel realities of growing up in the 'hood where every day was a struggle just to survive. Or I could have told him about the Fischer esterification process in which an ordinary carboxcylic acid, like acetic acid, and an alcohol, primary or secondary and perhaps even tertiary (I'm still learning the mechanism) is converted into a fragrant smelling ester, like banana oil. If he's in town for a show maybe he'll be back. I'll still be here. I have my third test coming up next week, O.C. is the original bitch, Dave made my day.

My mother, may she rest in peace, would not have approved of him, however. Let's be honest here. She would've considered him a bad example and a "threat to the advancement of the Negro race," something like that. She caught a bit of a Richard Pryor routine once, back in the day, and it nearly caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

Dave Chappelle is a bad influence. That's what got me so excited in Starbucks. Living in Austin which has been gentrified up the ass, most of my bad influences are white. It's nice to see the real thing and to remember what Negroes are working for, what we're trying to achieve as a race, and all.

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